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Hey what's up I'm Ghost, I like a lot of things and don't have a desktop. Please feel free to talk to me I love talking to people but I am too afraid to message first!!!

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Vibe check! *uses my fingertips to manipulate the space around me, creating a beam of vibrations to directly damage your body*

My life is difficult sometimes but I got to draw GIR on drawception twice today and frankly that’s all that matters.

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bully a clown demon to death just do it just fucking d

So I ended up being able to get iceborne the other day and I just beat the main story, spoilers ahead!

I really love how the tracker tells me, someone with a processing disorder, to "get a good look at the thing" in reference to the final boss. And then you see it and it's just a fucking incomprehensible mass of rocks. Like yeah I'd love to get a good look at this thing but I literally have no idea what I'm looking at! It's like the rock thing from dauntless but it also has lugia's wings. Also im not complaining I just thought the situation was funny xhxjzj

But Shara Ishvalda outside it's shell?? Fucking terrifying!!! The way it shambles towards you, glaring at you with its piercing eyes... I'm gonna have nightmares.

ALSO NERGIGANTE IS A DAMN HERO WHY DO PEOPLE WANT IT DEAD??? this elder dragon finished off the giant terrifying tentacle wind beast that would have killed the whole crew, and then they're like "ok well now that the old everwyrm is dead let's track and kill the monster that dealt the final blow" like NO DUDE WE LITERALLY JUST ESTABLISHED THAT NERGIGANTE IS KEEPING THE ECOSYSTEM BALANCED YOU DUMBASSES LET THE DUDE LIVE

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Here's the video! I've added some tips to help anyone who's having trouble. Good luck!

Velkhana Beat

I clipped the fight so I might post a video of it just because... idk my youtube channel needs Content

Please excuse me while I perform the world's most intense facepalm.

Aka I literally JUST deleted almost all my investigations before I read this note

So I could have been using any wildspire investigation that meets the other crown requirements to try and get my mini crown black diablos.

Time to farm wildspire tracks again :')

i have several unfinished projects and this is how i use my time.

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Crowns update cause this is just what my blog is at this point lmao (I swear I'll start posting Content again at some point, probably after I beat iceborne)

Only got 1 crown today... giant black diablos. All I'm missing for giant crowns now is Vaal hazak! After that I still need mini crown for all the non-event quest monsters except vaal.

So that means.... 1 away from giant crown, and 5 away from mini crown. And I go out of town for a week in 2 or 3 days so I really gotta get on with it lmao

The investigation system in mhw is so annoying... like you'll break the leg of a vaal hazak and the resource center people will be like "oh I just had a GREAT idea for a radobaan quest."

Crown Hunt update :)

Only missing 2 giant crowns (black diablos and vaal hazak)!!! Still need mini crown for kirin, b.diablos, nergi, teo, and kushala, so that one might still be a bit...

My current strategy is going into sos investigations that look promising lmao,, it's going pretty well!!






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*breaks thru ur window*

[id: a picrew of an octoling. the link unfortunately leads to a 404 now. the picture is of a brown skinned octoling with pink hair. they are wearing a black jacket, white headphones, and holding an ace flag. they are looking to the upper left and making a peace sign. end id]

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The binge of Invader Zim has been completed

I should have done this MUCH sooner but! It's done and it is very good and now i have a new thing to obsess over :)

Well since it's tuesdirt!!! Here's this dirt cupcake I forgot to post! All chocolate with oreo crumbs and a gummy worm on top :)

I cannot believe, that my favorite relationship dynamic is 2 characters who hate eachother and have a rivalry thing going on.... and I’m only now starting to watch invader zim.

i have several unfinished projects and this is how i use my time.